3 Best Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Your Headache

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Now ahead pounding all along while you sleep can distort your sleep pattern and in the sense worsen your mood the next day by deteriorating your quality of work. Popping a pill is just a temporary solution. With the help of yoga, you can bring that pain down the pain to total healing. Yoga is an accurate form of physical and psychological exercise that helps you reduce stress, hangover, tension or anything that could be the cause of distress for your brain and mental health.

How can yoga help?
Before you start with the practice of different yoga poses that could help you deal with that bugging headache, ensure that you meditate for a few minutes. Meditation should always be practiced before any yoga session as it helps you channel your energy in a proper and positive way. Try to indulge in deep breathing techniques which helps your lungs fill up to their capacity, thereby providing you a high amount of oxygen to run through all your systems. This prepares you from the inside out for the yoga session you are about to start.

1. Viparita Karani:
Viparita Karani is often termed as “Legs-Up-the-Wall” pose in layman’s term. It means inverted in action. It actually inverts all the basic actions running inside our body with many associated benefits of the same. It stretches your neck muscles in a gentle way while relaxing you simultaneously with is great to reduce a headache. While performing the Viparita Karani, place your mat adjacent to the wall of your room.

Now sit down on the mat and make sure your hip is adjacent to the wall. Now lie down on your back and extend your legs upward with the help of the wall. Stick your hips adjacent to the wall along with the legs together upwards towards the sky. Now place your hands on your belly or you can place them on the mat and relax. Now try to relax by closing the eyes and dropping your chin a bit. Hold this position for 3-10 min and breathe slowly but deeply.

2. Adho Mukho Svanasana:
This yoga asana is also known as “Downward Facing Dog Pose” which is one of the widely recognized yoga asanas for health issues like headaches. As you practice this pose, make sure you take deep breaths to help you balance your body and mind in a proper manner. If done properly, the asana looks like an inverted “V” with your legs and hands adjacent to the floor and stretched outwards from the body.

The middle portion of your body that is the hips are lifted upwards to form a pointed shape. The head should hang between the shoulders. This asana is friendly for beginners which help you get rid of body stiffness, fatigue and back pain. It provides additional blood flow towards the head which can help you get rid of that constant headache while leaving you filled with energy and freshness.

3. Ananda Balasana:
Also known as Happy Baby pose, this asana helps you deal with any a headache that derives its root cause from a pain in the back area of your body emerging from the spine. The Ananda Balasana takes you to the children while helping you relax from the core. This pose brings calmness to the mind and body.

As you perform this asana, try to lie down the back and bring your knees in a folded form towards your stomach. Now grab the thighs or the exterior edges of the feet. This pose can be fun with a little rocking motion from one side to another. This helps increase the stretching of your hips as well as the lower back area. It slowly brings down your mind into a relaxed state, thus helping you deal with that headache.

About the Company
Association for Yoga and Meditation is a yoga school with a vision to be a part of the world that is free from any kind of depression, anxiety, stress, disease, professional or personal issues with the practice of a true form of yoga asana. AYM is the mind child of Yogi Chetan Mahesh which has been providing training to yoga enthusiasts for a career as a yoga instructor with course such as 200,300 and 500-hour yoga teacher training at Rishikesh.

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