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Surrealist Show from 21st Century at Namora Museum

The Fernando Namora House Museum will be the local of a surrealist show from the 21st century.
Svetlana Ratova from Moscow, Nikolina Petolas from Zagreb, Paula Rosa from Lisbon and Santiago Ribeiro from Coimbra are the protagonists of another edition of International Surrealism Now of small format.
The modern surrealism of these

Best Dance Studio for Kids & Adults in South Brisbane

Dance is a performance art or a series of steps and movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music and form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as a dance by performers and observers

Teddy Shake Starts Petition To Ensure Gel Pens Are Lead-Free and Safe For Kids

Teddy Shake launched their [top-selling gel pen set](https://www.amazon.com/Gel-Pen-Set-Easy-Coloring/dp/B01IFTZOSA) just four months ago. During that time, the gel pens have become a best-seller on Amazon.com, shattering all goals and projections made by Teddy Shake. Although the popularity of the gel pens is exciting, Teddy Shake has decided they want to do

New Guide Announced for Best-Selling 105-Piece Gel Pen Set By Teddy Shake

Since the launch of their best-selling [105-piece gel pen set](https://www.amazon.com/Gel-Pen-Set-Easy-Coloring/dp/B01IFTZOSA) in November, the popularity of the gel pens has been rapidly increasing. Sales for the first quarter of production exceeded all projections, and Teddy Shake has received some great customer feedback. In order to reach more potential customers, Teddy Shake

A Toy Box Storage For Parents vs Children Dilemma

When planning a reunion or party, most people say that it is a nerve wracking experience and the biggest challenge is organizing the house; making it free of toys in the hallway, the living room, etc. That’s when most parents realize they need a few toy storage boxes that can

The Museum Outlet – A Must-visit Store for all art Lovers

Gone are the days when paintings and sculptures could be purchased from distant museums and art galleries only. With more and more art lovers and collectors searching for art pieces online, exquisite portals like The Museum Outlet are becoming a first choice for many. Boasting of associations with many leading

Top Selling 105-Piece Gel Pen Set Makes Perfect Gift For The Holidays

Teddy Shake launched their 105-piece gel pen set just a few weeks ago. Since the launch, the pens have been a huge hit with customers. The Teddy Shake gel pens are unique in that they contain 60% more ink than the standard gel pen, so the pens last longer, for

Winnipeg Artist Seema Goel Speaking at UQAM in Montreal Friday October 28th

[Seema Goel](http://seemagoel.com/) will be speaking at the upcoming University Art Association of Canada Conference this week at UQAM in Montreal. Her talk Data Dexterities is part of the session “Making Knowledge: Craft and the Digital” on Friday October 28th. In Data Dexterities she explores her own art/craft practise highlighting the

Hawkfield Gallery Consultants Review: Growing Up with Art

Sally Caverly is an art lover, researcher and a conservationist born in 1962 at Massachusettes and New Hampshire. She is the heart and soul of Hawkfield Gallery, the owner and curator dedicated in making the gallery one of the most attractive places to visit in a shore town halfway between

The syl-leeantiques.com is your One Stop Shop to Sell or Buy Antiques

Buying or selling antiques is not an easy job for a novice unless one has some knowledge in the market. The buyers with experience, try to take advantage by undervaluing the prices of the antiques that the sellers would like to buy to get the best deal. So to get