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Checklist for Passing Detroit Rental Registration Lead Hazard Inspection & Risk Assessment

Get it right the first time. Inside tips from Licensed Lead Paint Inspector Pre Closing Inspection – 313.920.3276 Call Us for Special Pricing Today.

Almost all of the houses in Cities like Detroit, Pontiac and Redford are old housing stock built way before 1979. Detroit officials have a task force and

Premier Casa Takes Property Management to The Next Level

Panama City, Panama, January 12, 2018 — Premier Casa recently launched a full service property management stemming from its core focus on commercial and residential real estate investments in Panama. The company continues to add value and maximize returns on well-located quality real estate.

Using an A to Z approach, Premier

Property Inspection Services In Killeen, TX

Killeen, TX/2018: Inspection of property is important in order to ensure that the building is safe to inhibit and also to check if any repairs and replacements are required. It is an essential part of property management process. Keeping the needs of their clients in mind, Hunter Rentals & Property

Government Tax Lien Network – Offers Updated Tax Lien Search List for Real Estate Investors

Government Tax Lien Network is one of the leading Tax Lien Investment educations Company. They educate their students and investors on how to search for available tax lien and then how to invest in respective Tax Lien certificate. They have professional mentors who are highly skilled and have many years

Clifford Group has New Haven Investment Properties under $100K

United States 06.10.2017. Investment property in CT is a great way of investing in your future and secure a solid passive income stream. Finding investment properties can be time consuming. We have already done the hard work and all of our investment property can produce massive returns on investment. Clifford

Is Birmingham a Good Place to Invest in Property?

The second instalment of our “Property Investment Spotlight” series focusses on Birmingham, often known as Britain’s “Second City”. Here are the top five reasons why you should be considering Birmingham for your next property investment

With prices in London spiraling out of control, businesses and individuals alike are looking outwards

Some Tips in Getting the Right Real Estate Agent

Making the choice of estate agent can be difficult when selling your house. Be warned as getting this selection wrong can be extremely damaging to the sale of your property. It only cost you both time and money. It is but important to select the right Brentwood real estate agent

Buy The Block – A Real Estate Investment Firm is Making It Easier to Own Property

Denver, USA; 01, September 2017: Denver based female entrepreneur and independent consultant, Lynn, is the brain behind Buy The Block. One of few real estate investment firms in the country that is passionately committed to making it easier to own property and manage portfolio online.

Following the success of their crowdfunding

Premier Real Estate Management Provides a Customized Approach to Property Management

Premier Real Estate Management, a recognized real estate and property management service, recently clarified that they provide a tailored approach to professional property management for income/investment properties. Their professionals ensure that their clients’ properties will receive enough care and attention they deserve.

A spokesperson explained, “We recognize that no standard package

Property Management Service That Exceeds Beyond Client’s Expectations

The task of renting, and maintaining a property is taking a toll. Your vacant property has been inspected, repaired where necessary and cleaned in preparation as you are thinking to put your homes for sales in Hornell. You’ve taken great pictures and videos of the property inside and out. You’ve