Applying the Core Principles of Social Work to Business

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James Daniels

Social workers face a wide variety of challenges both during their education and in the field dealing with troubled individuals and families. However, each hurdle faced along the way adds experience and resolve, so it’s a job that tends to gradually build character. In fact, many social workers go on to successfully invest in real estate and business with an edge over the competition due to the attributes they’ve developed during their career. Serving as a social worker can improve your people skills, making you a more effective communicator, negotiator, and problem solver. According to the code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, some of the core values of social work include a commitment to service, social justice, dignity, integrity, and competence.

Taking a Service Oriented Approach
In social work, the primary objective is to serve clients and the community with knowledge, advice, and guidance that will evoke a positive change and progress. Coincidentally, this is also the objective when you’re running a business, as catering to the needs of customers/clients is practically the name of the game. While earning a masters in social work online at a school like Rutgers Online, students are taught how to tailor social work services to accommodate the full range of people-related problems, including personality conflicts, sources of interest, persuasion, and other topics that can come in handy when managing a start-up.

Understanding the Importance of Relationships
Most of the MSW programs online also teach the importance of building human relationships to accomplish more and achieve balance between career and social aspects of life. The ability to maintain strong ties will be a useful perk to have in business as it will help you expand your network more rapidly. Strong social skills are also good for convincing investors and improving morale in employees and associates. The best way to succeed in business is to build solid long-term relationships with your customers, clients, suppliers, distributors, employees, partners, and investors.

Practicing Integrity and Competence
Public image is everything in business, which is why companies go to such great lengths to compete in the customer service department. Practicing and enforcing a high level of competence and integrity within your company will ensure that you’re adhering to the core principles of social work, which will go a long way in establishing your brand as a leader in its industry. Of course, you have the responsibility of making sure your employees are trained adequately to uphold these values. Providing a fair value and friendly service are the first steps in setting a standard for the way you conduct business.

Reaping the Rewards of Running and Ethical Company
While there are many huge corporations out there that make massive profits with little care for ethics, companies that take ethical approaches tend to stay in business longer and there’s no guilt attached. Plus, when you do business in a trustworthy and socially admirable fashion you’re increasing the chances of your current customers becoming brand advocates.

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