Block Scientific Announces their Featured Products for June 2018

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Contact Us
Block Scientific
22 Sawgrass Drive
NY 11713 
United States

A global supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, Block Scientific offers wide range of superior quality products at great prices. The company’s product line includes new as well as refurbished products for medical and research settings. They feature innovative products each month at their website

Block Scientific’s featured products for June 2018 are as follows:

* Acetonitrile OPTIMA LC/MS, Case of 4 x 4L: This Fisher Chemical LC-Ms solvent is formulated for LC-MS and UHPLC-UV applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, environmental and food safety industries. The novel gradient elution test with Photodiode Array Detector screens for UV-absorbing contaminants at every wavelength in the 200 to 400nm range to afford smooth baselines and reduce interferences.

* Medica EasyStat: This blood gas analyzer delivers the precision and performance required of today’s demanding health care environment, while focusing on the laboratory’s need to deliver sample results economically and efficiently. It can measure pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl, and Hct and also calculate additional parameters. The EasyStat’s compact format and modular design significantly reduces maintenance and space requirements. Disposable electrodes and reagent module ensure economical operation and low cost per sample.

* ABBOTT i-STAT 1: This handheld point-of-care (POC) device from Abbott Laboratories provides lab-quality results in minutes using as little as two drops of blood and a test cartridge. This advanced, easy-to-use blood analyzer provides healthcare professionals with access to real time, lab-quality results within minutes rather than hours. The i-STAT 1 system delivers lab-accurate testing for Blood Gases, Electrolytes, Chemistries, Coagulation, Hematology, Glucose, and Cardiac Markers (cTnI).

* Methanol OPTIMA LC-MS, Case of 4 x 4L: This Fisher Chemical LC-MS solvent is tested HPLC mobile phase for analytical and preparative separations. The high UV transmittance and low evaporation residue make it suitable for gradient and isocratic conditions. Intended for research use only, it is screened for fluorescing and UV-absorbing contaminants to reduce interferences for smoother baselines, and also meets ACS specifications.

* STAT FAX 3300 Chemistry Analyzer: This analyzer from Awareness Technology, Inc is a standalone biochemistry analyzer. It stores control values and creates Levey-Jennings plots for QC. The product features removable flow cell for reducing reagent consumption. It consists of non-volatile memory for storage of 500 patient results and 120 programmable tests.

* DCA Vantage Analyzer: This point-of-care analyzer from Siemens helps monitor glycemic control and detect early kidney disease in environments ranging from the physician’s office to remote, point-of-care coordinated sites in hospitals and multisite practices. It meets lab-quality testing standards, speeds and simplifies diabetes tests, and delivers accurate, clinically relevant results shown to improve decision-making, patient compliance, and outcomes.

Block Scientific has a good track record as a reliable supplier of quality products and provides excellent customer support. They provide comprehensive after-sales service including training and maintenance support.

About Block Scientific

Based in New York, Block Scientific is a reliable clinical laboratory equipment supplier that offers a wide range of lab equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Products offered include chemistry analyzers, centrifuges, dry baths, reagents, consumables and more.

Contact Information

22 Sawgrass Drive
NY 11713 USA
Tel: 1-866-203-5777 (toll free)
Tel: 631-589-1118
Fax: 631-589-4088

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