Burn Your Financial Problems by Investing in Mirae Asset Via MySIPonline

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Contact Us
Poonam Sharma
103, Luhadia Tower, Ashok Marg, C Scheme Jaipur
Phone:0294 302 2900

Making investments in mutual funds is trending these days. Everybody is looking out for grabbing opportunities for making good money. But, the road to rewarding avenues isn’t filled with blooming flowers. Instead, it is peppered with thorns and thistles and one has to be prepared to face the stings that may come his way. Nervous? Well, don’t be. There’s an easy way out to avoid this pain and dodge the obstacles which may deaccelerate the push to wealth creation – make investments in the schemes of Mirae Asset through the online service portal MySIPonline. This combination of one of the most reciprocating fund houses in the industry and the best online investment portal in North India, is as good as imagining Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger flying your private jet, as you are sure that your life will be saved even if he has to ditch the aircraft in the Pacific. Read further to make your senses aware of the greatness of this combination.

How Did the Idea of MySIPonline Came to Life and What Makes It Stand Apart From its Peers?
Mr. Virendra Ranawat, Co-Founder and CEO, MySIPonline, has always kept himself on his heels to turn difficulties into opportunities and help people live a better life. Though, the stretch of the voyage embarking from a garage project into North India’s best online financial services portal wasn’t all plain sailing, he conquered this milestone through his dedication and hard work in a mere span of two years. Having said that, let’s get hold of how MySIPonline is making a mark in the online mutual fund investment industry:

1. Legally Qualified: MySIPonline is an AMFI registered online portal, and holds compliance with the laws and guidelines issued by SEBI – the governing body of all investment and financial market related affairs. It adopts a zero-tolerance policy against any deviation from the stated instructions of SEBI and strictly adheres to the prevalent fiscal laws.
2. State-of-the-art Technology: At MySIPonline, the investors get to taste an entirely different cocktail of the latest technology and simplicity of investing in the best products of Mirae Mutual Fund.
3. Big Brains’ Bullpen: MySIPonline is a home to some of the smartest brains in the finance industry, who always stay charged for finding new prospects for a valuable investment.
4. Nuggets of Information: The users of MySIPonline always remain one step ahead of the crowd as they get latest updates on the mutual fund industry, as well as advises and recommendations which let them make the best financial decisions for their life.
5. Basket of Goodies: At MySIPonline, you can find the best running schemes of Mirae MF and other big names in the industry, without going through the pain of individually investing in them through different websites.

From the Desk of the Visionary
Mr. Virendra Ranawat strongly believes in actions, rather than destiny or fate. His life mantra is quite straightforward

“The only way you can achieve success is by working hard. If your hard work doesn’t pay off, work harder.”
When asked about how he leverages on the problems, he quoted his game plan in a few simple words: –
There are two ways to react to a problem. The first one is quite simple – turn your back to it and run as fast as you can; the second way involves gathering courage to face the problem as it comes and striking it down to the ground with everything you got. For a moment, the first option may sound intriguing but will only aggravate the quandary, not subside it. Daring to walk through the cyclone and coming out with flying colours is the only means to grow. There’s no other way, no shortcut that can glide you atop success.

Speaking of creating MySIPonline, the idea came to me while helping a friend in getting his investments sorted, when I observed that there was a huge gap between the industry and the investors due to lack of awareness about healthy investment options. I mended this distance by giving birth to MySIPonline, as it holds a comprehensive account of all the best-performing schemes of some of the widely recognised AMCs, such as Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.

Moral of the Story
Though investing in mutual funds is already a rewarding avenue, but partnering up with AMCs like Mirae Asset through MySIPonline will work as steroids to your financial health, as it is a powerful combination of expertise and innovation. So, the next time you plan a trip to La-la Land, you know where to board the flight from – MySIPonline, of course!

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