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The digital technology has grown bigger and bigger over all these years and it still continues doing the same. One of the latest and the hottest trends in this field is that of chatbots and AI.

Almost all of us have come across a number of articles about chatbots and the advancements they have made to the digital technology. We’ve also known about all the buzz these smart creatures have created in the field of customer service. However, certain myths surrounding the bots hold the businesses back from leveraging their power.

Let’s have a look at the most hyped myths related to chatbots:

Creating bots is easy than creating apps:

As a matter of fact, developing a great chatbot is as challenging as developing an app. The complexities are in a variety of things. The developers at any conversation interface have petite control over the flow and also need to accommodate various paths in the user funnel. Building a dialogue is as challenging as developing a good user interface for an iOS or an android phone.

Chatbots will declare human labor unnecessary:

The fact that the chatbots will eventually render human labor unnecessary is not exactly a fact but a myth. Though these bots are capable of automating many of the processes, this doesn’t mean they do not need human intervention. As a matter of fact, this technology is only trained to assist the businesses in providing better solutions to customers.

Chatbots interactions lack the human touch:

Well, it’s true that the bots do not act like humans. They do not get exhausted working for hours, do not make mistakes, are not lazy and can serve all the customers 24/7/365. As far as the interactions with a human touch are concerned, the artificially intelligent chatbots are capable of establishing simple interactions with the customers. They can serve the customers exactly like the human chat support agents would do using a predictive approach.

Chatbots have a limited flexibility:

This is yet another myth that has been holding back the businesses from leveraging the power of bots so far. It’s been said and believed for long that the chatbots’ advantages won’t save organization overhead costs. However, the truth is totally opposite. The chatbots used in the hospitality and tourism industry are capable of performing complex tasks. They can help people book travel plans or hotel rooms, screen medical conditions of patients and more.

Hope a lot of your misconceptions have been cleared through this post and you are ready to go ahead with the usage of this technology!

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