Come to know the classification of refractory material

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Caogou Industry Zone,Yichuan County,Luoyang.China

According to different chemical composition, refractory material can be divided into 3 types: alkaline, acid and neutral refractory material.

Alkaline refractory material: Generally refers to MgO or MgO and CaO as the main composition of refractory material. These refractory raw material have high refractoriness, with strong resistance to basic slag, and main are magnesia and dolomitic. Alkaline refractory materials are used in alkaline steel furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, cement industrial kiln, converter and electric arc furnace.

Acid refractory material: Usually refer to SiO2 content more than 93%. Its main feather is that it could resist the erosion of acidic slag at high temperature, but it is easy to react with alkaline slag, and it has poor thermal shock resistance. Main are siliceous, semi-siliceous, clay. Acid refractory material are mainly used in coke oven, glass kiln, acid steel furnace, etc.

In traditional VOD ladles, Mg-Cr and Mg-Ca bricks were widely used. While there are some problems with these two types materials. Mg-Cr brick is harmful for environment and labor health. Mg-Ca brick is easy to get hydrated. If stocked in wet condition, Mg-Ca bricks may lost stability, or even can not be used for construction. On basis of this condition, low carbon Mg-C brick can be a very good replacement.

Low carbon Mg-C brick is developed on basis of common Mg-C bricks. Through decreasing carbon content, the thermal shock resistance would increase. This product is made from high quality fused magnesite, combined binder, special carbon and antioxidant compound. In this way, low carbon Mg-C bricks would be characterized with high crushing strength, good hot modulus of rapture and high inoxidizability, and it can also have a good adaptation for low alkaline slag.When you need any refractory products, such as fire brick for sale, refractory nozzle, refractory raw materials. Welcome to view our factory anytime.

Neutral refractory material: Refer to the refractory material which is not easy to react with acidic or basic slag, such as clay, high aluminum, carbon, chrome, mullite or corundum refractory material. Neutral refractory material are mainly used in blast furnace, aluminium cell, ferroalloy furnace, molten steel ladle, plating tank, autoclave and so on. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory. Such as fire brick for sale, refractory nozzle, refractory castable, and so on. When you need any refractory products, welcome to view our website to know more.

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