It is Possible To Treat Muscular Dystrophy With Stem Cell Therapy

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Nupur Jha
StemAsia Hospital and Research Centre,
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Navi Mumbai 400706 
Phone:+91 22 4113 6565

With the introduction of Stem cell treatment, a new hope is raised for the patients. NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is one of the reputed medical institutes in India, and it has been practicing stem cell therapy for different chronic neurological disorders for several years now. It has a team of expert doctors who have immense knowledge and skill in providing stem cell therapy.

According to these doctors, only medications won’t help in such critical disorders, rather an advanced technique such as stem cell therapy is needed to improve the living condition of the patients. At NGBSI, stem cell therapy for muscular dystrophy, autism, spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Mental retardation, stroke, and head injury are being provided to the patients.

The doctors first diagnose and understand the status of the critical condition of the patients; and based on that diagnosis, innovative techniques to treat the patients. As per the researchers, the Stem cell therapy is considered extremely safe and effective.

Muscular Dystrophy and its treatment

In the case of Muscular dystrophy, the muscles of the patients get weaker with time. The patients are unable to perform any kind of typical voluntary movements. Different types of muscular dystrophies are being observed in patients such as Duchene, Becker, Congenital, Distal, Emery- Dreifuss, Limb-Girdle, Facioscapulohumeral, Myotonic, and Oculopharyngeal. Different types of muscular dystrophies are observed in people of different age groups.

The main cause is said to be the inappropriate coding of the dystrophin gene. The inaccurate coding leads to a shortage of protein to the muscles. As a result, the muscles get weak with time and then the overall condition leads to muscular dystrophy.

As all these conditions get originated due to genetic issues, muscular dystrophy is mainly categorized as Autosomal dominant or Autosomal recessive disorder. A lot of research is being done in the medical field to treat patients suffering from various neurological disorders. Stem cell therapy is considered as one of the effective treatments for neurological disorders.

Talking about the procedure of the stem cell therapy, a spokesperson for the institute said, “During this therapy, adult stem cells are injected into the human body to repair the damaged cells in the brain. These stem cells enable the release of special trophic factors which help in repairing the damaged cells at their structural levels.” Apart from that, the stem cells form new blood vessels to ensure the supply of oxygen to the damaged area.

About the Company

NGBSI has been effectively providing stem cell therapy for muscular dystrophy for past few years. It has successfully treated more than 1000 patients suffering from muscular dystrophy. A new life has been gifted to hundreds of patients with the help of stem cell therapy. NGBSI, along with stem cell therapy, provides various rehabilitation programs to enhance the living conditions of the patients.

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