Word Of Mouth Marketing Solution To FaceBook Business Page Without Risk, Cost Or Commitment & Pr

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John Pickett
Po Box 773783
United States

An analysis of Local Marketing Resource’s Free, No-Risk, No-Cost, No Commitment FaceBook Makeover Takeover Solution has proven exceptional results in FaceBook local marketing. This resonates with frustrated local business owners, needing a trusted solution to bring in more business from social media.

The typical problem of a business page is the owner spent a lot of time, effort and money, tried to post every day, can’t get likes, comments or followers and just failed with few or no results. The owner is left thinking FaceBook doesn’t work for business but knows this is where his existing customers are every day.

Local businesses now have a results-first proven solution. The process builds and markets a 5 Star Online Reputation, builds strong local brand awareness, engages & nurtures existing & creates new clients, drives them back into the business, buying more-more often. All done while a business owner focuses on running the business, not trying to figure out social media.

This news coincides nicely with Local Marketing Resource’s recent recognition as a community favorite, due to it’s 100% FREE, No-Risk, No-Cost, No Commitment FaceBook Makeover / Takeover Trial. LMR has also been nominated by it’s peers and nationally recognized as a leader in the local online marketing niche.

Watch Video Now: https://youtu.be/-JoYqGwb3C4

The strategy gives relief to frustrated business owners showing proof the strategy increases social presence, social acceptance from friends & creates trust before doing business with that company.

The FaceBook Makeover Takeover Solution has been live in the market for 2 years, crushing other local FB marketing strategies. Example, Reputation Management and Brand Awareness strategies are a typical one-sided social media effort unable to provide the same interaction from the community.

Local Marketing Resource has been able to make a strong impression on the market by ensuring its own products are effective & affordable. The 2 part Action & Interaction strategy in this release employs a proprietary process that creates & gains loyal customers by a strong word of mouth marketing.

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Rating & reviewing is done on the spot by checking into FB and customers are always excited to do so. This is free advertising from existing clients, showing 100% of FaceBook friends the business is approved and recommended.

The check-in provides FaceBook friends even more info about a business such as comments & showing what was purchased with a picture, where the business is located, the hours of operation, previous ratings & reviews, and most of all, a trusted word of mouth referral to 100% of FB friends.

Mr. John Pickett, Local Marketing Resource’s Head Of Marketing in Muskegon, MI & Ocala, Fl spoke about the analysis recently, expanding on some of the insights gained.

“When designing FB Makeover Takeover, I knew it was important for the company to create a solution that was very powerful and must prove results before doing business with us. It must be perceived as a true local business solution to online local marketing problems.”

Pickett also stated… “giving a local business results First for FREE, offering a No-Risk, No-Cost and No Commitment FaceBook Makeover Takeover, creates exceptional value prior to any commitments with LMR. We go further by putting our own skin in the game with real out-of-pocket dollars as well. If this strategy didn’t work, we wouldn’t do it. Bottom line the results can not be denied.”

FB Makeover Takeover was designed to appeal specifically to Local Small Business Owners frustrated with FB marketing results. Beyond eliminating the owner’s frustration & disbelief FB doesn’t work, four (4) of its most notable features are:

One: – 100% FREE, No- Risk, No-Cost, No Commitment This was an important part of the final product, since it eliminates any fear of wasting more time, money & effort with no results. LMR takes all the risk & customers who use FB Makeover Takeover have fed back saying, they enjoy the feature because it proves beyond doubt prior to choosing a plan, it works as it should.

Two: – Getting People Talking/Taking Action On Social Media – Brings the company name into conversation, spreading a word of mouth referral about the business to 100% of FB friends, driving customers back into the business spending more-more often.

Three: – Psychological Social Selling – Local Marketing Resource also incorporated a vital missing action left out by other online marketers. “Social Selling” which is a carefully deployed psychological action, which makes people want to react. It’s based on trust, confidence and social acceptance proven by close friend’s approval.

Four: – It’s All Done 4 U – FB Events, Check-ins, Offers, Engaging Posts, Reviews, Mentions, Shares, Comments, Boosting Posts, all done by LMR. Every post comment, like, share, check-in, mention, will be engaged by a human to create a soft social & psychological selling atmosphere that converts into ROI.

Since its founding in 2010, Local Marketing Resource has been known as a trustworthy online marketing company using a “results first” strategy, to give clients a true value. Seeing LMR putting skin into the game, it greatly shows the sincerity and intent of the company, helping a local business grow even on a tight budget.

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Plans are designed to increase local business with every budget in mind.

Mr. John Pickett continued the commentary: “… it’s my belief that our customers choose us over the competition because we remove any & all hesitations. The FB page owner has seen failure, does not want to repeat it and wants success. Removing the objections up front & showing results that matters is why we’ve been able to make such an impact.”

LMR works nationwide & operates in 2 locations, Ocala, Fl & Muskegon, MI. More information on Local Marketing Resource can be found on the website: http://LocalMarketingResource.com

Information on FB Makeover Takeover can also be found here: [http://www.localmarketingresource.com/geekology-ma…](http://www.localmarketingresource.com/geekology-makeover-takeover/)

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