World’s Most Absorbent Adult Diapers Now on Discount!

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Unique Wellness
NY 11234 
United States
Phone:1 (718) 686-7770

June 15, 2017, Brooklyn, NY – Inspired by NASA technology, Wellness Briefs has come up with an innovative diaper that has become the world’s most absorbent product. Right now, the company is offering discount on adult diapers. This revolutionary system allows users to be comfortably dry all day with only 3 scheduled diaper changes a day.
Using NASA-inspired technology called InconTek® Wellness Briefs adult diapers have a super absorbent system that soaks in wetness and tucks it away in an inner layer leaving your skin dry. This diaper can hold up to 87 ounces of urine because of the unique Liquistay® technology inspired by Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs ) developed by NASA. Because the skin remains dry the duration of the time, the skin is not susceptible to infections, diaper rashes and other types of discomfort that can arise from wetness. As advanced as this technology is, using Wellness Briefs diapers results in savings of up to 70% on incontinence-related costs.

Benefits of Wellness Briefs

Unique absorbent system offers the driest option in adult diaper wear. Unlike other diaper products that may cause infection due to wetness resulting from poor absorbency, Wellness Briefs quickly absorb urine supporting skin health and lowering the risk of infection.
Because of all-day dry comfort, these diapers have become the healthiest diaper option for seniors.
70% savings over leading adult diaper brands. Adult diapers can be expensive but Wellness Briefs are the most cost-effective option. Less diaper changes means more savings on diapers.
Its amazing feature allows users a system-based approach where you can schedule a diaper change every 8 hours. No more carrying bulky diapers with you wherever you go.
Live free and feel confident all day long. No uncomfortable wetness, no offensive odor.

About the Company

Unique Wellness is an award-winning manufacturer of incontinence products such as adult diapers, adult briefs, adult pull-ups and absorbent underwear. The company currently manufactures the world’s only solution-based adult diapers and absorbent underwear. Wellness Briefs are available in a variety of products— pulls ups, diapers and underpants.

Enjoy a more efficient and cost-effective solution for adult diapers. Currently, Wellness Briefs is having discounts on all their products:

Superio Signature Series Briefs (side-taped adult diapers),
Pull-Ups Absorbent Underwear (Adult Pull-Ups),
Original Wellness Briefs (side-taped adult diapers)

Approach incontinence in a brand new way with the Unique Wellness Brief Program.
FREE samples are available for first time users.
Call Us # 1-888-936-7770
Email :

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